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The Founders Journey

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SubSuite was founded by Rick Annichiarico, a seasoned investment banker, startup growth advisor, wellness advocate, and strategic partnership expert.

With over a decade of experience in fixed income investment banking and capital markets, Rick honed his skills in creating value from recurring revenue streams. His deep understanding of supply, demand, pricing, valuation, payment schedules, and cost structures enabled him to optimize profits across multi-billion-dollar portfolios effortlessly.

In 2010, Rick transitioned into the startup world, where he became a trusted consultant for numerous NYC-based startups. Collaborating closely with founders, investors, and advisors, Rick played a pivotal role in building and scaling marketing, tech, sales, and operations teams. His strategic guidance led to the successful development of sales teams, product launches, strategic partnerships, fundraising efforts, and multi-million dollar returns for various companies.

Driven by his passion for wellness, Rick embarked on a journey to create his own startup in 2018. Initially focused on the fitness and wellness industry, he envisioned a collaborative platform where gyms and wellness studios could offer stack-and-save membership features to consumers. Facing challenges due to facility closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rick pivoted the company's focus to digital wellness subscriptions in 2020. It's here that Rick began to uncover the deeper issues with digital subscriptions in general. Competition and costly, inefficient subscriber acquisition methods were hurting profits, causing churn, and frustrating consumers.

Recognizing the broader need for a platform that could address challenges across various industries, Rick retooled the SubSuite platform to cater to all digital subscriptions. Collaborating with advisors from some of the world's largest subscription brands, he embarked on a mission to deliver an exceptional product that would revolutionize the digital subscription landscape. Scheduled for launch in the summer of 2024, SubSuite aims to provide a seamless and collaborative solution for brands across industries, from wellness to streaming to news and media, gaming, education and beyond. This collaborative platform offers brands the ability to truly own their own journeys, with lower costs and collaborative profit optimization while providing better experiences for their subscribers.

The constant theme throughout Ricks journey has been collaboration. Whether personally in fitness, wellness & athletics, professionally, in investment banking or startups, ultimately collaboration, done intelligently, always offers a better result. One of Ricks favorite collaboration quotes comes from Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off."

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