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How Subscription Gaming Can Thrive (It’s Not How You Think)

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All subscription services, from streaming video to dating apps seem to be suffering from saturation and subscription fatigue due to an abundance of options and intense competition. 

Gaming subscriptions, however, face some additional and unique challenges, making it even more difficult to acquire and retain subscribers. As even the big brands like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus encounter hurdles, gaming companies must address the one key difference in their services vs. those of video, music, dating, news and media services: Time.

So many games, so little time…

Despite initial high hopes for Xbox Game Pass as being an irresistible, game changing app, it has become evident that its impact, while still positive, falls short of expectations. One of the most basic reasons for this is the limited availability of time. 

Even with access to an extensive library of games, players often find themselves unable to explore them all thoroughly. Video games can take an extremely long time to get through. Videos are done in a couple of hours, songs in a few minutes, articles can take seconds to read, dating apps are just a few swipes, but games… an immersive game can monopolize the better part of a week, month or even more for a true gamer.

With limited leisure time available, players prefer to invest their precious moments in the latest and most enticing games rather than settling for whatever happens to be on Game Pass or PS Plus. Additionally, the rapid price reductions of retail games make them more appealing than the offerings available on subscription platforms.

Industry analyst Mat Piscatella reveals that subscription sales have stagnated, while traditional sales of AAA games have excelled in 2023. The year has seen blockbuster releases like Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Street Fighter 6, and Diablo 4, which not only received critical acclaim but also became the most successful entries in their respective franchises. 

This doesn’t mean that the subscription model is dead or non-existent for the gaming industry. It just means it needs to be re-imagined. Consumers need to be able to seamlessly add additional gaming services to their existing subscription so they can easily transition into that next experience without having to cancel or switch subscriptions.  This way, they can stack all their favorite subscriptions at a price that makes sense for them. 

Luckily, there is a new solution out there that lets gaming brands intelligently collaborate to create gaming loyalty + retention, reduce CAC, improve profit margins, and increase subscriber acquisition. 

SubSuite's Role in Acquiring and Retaining subscribers for Gaming Brands:

While subscription gaming services face mounting obstacles, SubSuite emerges as a solution to revolutionize the gaming industry. This collaborative platform empowers gaming companies to navigate these challenges and unlock unprecedented subscriber growth and retention. Here's how SubSuite addresses the shortcomings:

Personalized Pricing Options

SubSuite's advanced personalization features enable gaming companies to deliver tailored subscription pricing options to subscribers based on how much they are spending on other gaming services. 

Gaming companies on SubSuite can offer their base subscription price to tons of highly targeted consumers but drill down even deeper to give special discounts to people spending money on other services. By allowing subscribers to stack and save across multiple gaming services, consumers are enticed to carry multiple services that let them effortlessly switch from one game to the next at a price that makes sense. Additionally, they can always be looking for that next adventure across multiple services while they are still wrapping up their current immersive gaming experience.

Personalized Experiences

SubSuite's advanced personalization features enable gaming companies to deliver tailored experiences to subscribers based on what SubSuite learns about their gaming habits. Brands use first-party data to better target new subscribers on and off the SubSuite platform, improve product features, match games to different segments and more. 

By understanding individual preferences and behaviors, companies can engage players on a deeper level, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Loyalty and Retention Tools

SubSuite allows Gaming subscribers to manage ALL their subscriptions directly from a branded SubSuite page. Not just gaming subscriptions, but ALL subscriptions. PLUS, subscribers can also purchase personalized offers from other subscription services, getting discounts only offered to them from SubSuite. Gaming providers can become the one stop shop for their subscribers' entire digital experience. Welcome to the most powerful retention tool on the planet! 

Collaboration and Community Building: SubSuite facilitates collaboration between gaming companies and their subscribers, creating an interactive and vibrant community. Through exclusive content releases, interactive forums, and events, SubSuite strengthens relationships and cultivates a loyal fan base.

 The best part is, rather than encouraging gamers to jump from subscription to subscription, SubSuite only encourages gamers to add onto subscriptions they already own at prices that make sense. Everyone wins. Brands earn more revenue; subscribers get all the content they want all in one place at a price that makes sense for their personal journey.

While the subscription gaming industry faces challenges unique to the industry, SubSuite is there to help manage them and deliver the right tools to facilitate immense growth. To learn more about SubSuite for Gaming, book a quick demo with one of their success team members.

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