Why SubSuite?

Boost your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) by 10% to 30% with SubSuite’s unique, cost-effective collaborative solutions for subscriber acquisition and retention.


Acquire Core Subscribers

Attract top-tier subscribers with exclusive offers from partner brands.

Expand Your Reach

Gain incremental subscribers through targeted promotions to your partners' subscribers.

Enhance Retention

Subscribers stay longer with discounts tied to their accounts.

Easy Partnering

Connect with a diverse network of brands ready to collaborate without complex contracts.

Full Flexibility

Manage your cross-promotions with complete control and real-time adaptability.

Comprehensive Process

From promotion synchronization to payment facilitation, SubSuite handles it all, ensuring you keep full subscriber ownership.

Profitable Margins

Pay only for payment processing, keeping 97% of every sale.

Marketplace Sales

Broaden Your Market

Access over 30 brands’ marketplaces, reaching 35+ million consumers.

Dynamic Pricing

Offer personalized deals to maximize the value of each sale. 

Prevent Cannibalization

Target only new customers with exclusive discounts.

Operational Control

 Adjust your offerings on a user-friendly dashboard.

Subscriber Ownership

Maintain full subscriber ownership. New subscribers are YOUR subscribers and access your services normally.

Profitable Margins

Enjoy a low total Cost of Acquisition, keeping 87% of every sale.

Marketplace Rewards

Reward Loyalty

Offer exclusive deals from popular brands with purchases tied to your account, creating a sticky customer relationship.

Offer Subscription Management

Allow subscribers to manage their services directly from your brand, further enhancing retention.

Customized Marketplace Rewards

Tailor your marketplace with brands that align with your own brand and subscribers' preferences.

End to End Delivery

SubSuite effortlessly synchronizes transactions, user access, reporting, and additional features.

Data Driven Decisions

Leverage priceless consumer data to better serve your current and potential subscribers.

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