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Retain subscribers longer with subscription loyalty rewards.

Retain subscribers longer with subscription loyalty rewards.

Keep your customers loyal by offering them the best deals on other subscription services directly through your brand. 

Churn is the enemy of any subscription brand but it's getting harder and harder to keep at bay. What else can you be doing to make sure your subscribers stick around for the long haul? We all know it costs more to add new customers than it does to retain your current ones but with so many other subscriptions available, it's easy for subscribers to get distracted by another similar service with a discounted price or slightly different feature...

Now you can offer them the ability to grab that other subscription service at an exclusive rate as an add-on to your subscription via your white labeled loyalty page powered by SubSuite! Why would you do such a crazy thing? Because…

1. Your brand becomes the HUB of your subscriber's entire digital subscription experience.

When your subscribers purchase great deals on other digital subscription services from your brand's loyalty page, your brand becomes the seller of those special discounts. That means, if a person cancels their subscription with you, they will automatically lose any of the great discounts they purchased from your loyalty page. Who wants to repurchase all those other subscriptions at their higher prices?? The more loyalty rewards your subscribers purchase, the more incentivized they are to stick with you as their primary digital provider.

2. They'll have no reason to leave and every reason to stay.

Many subscription owners cancel subscriptions to try out another similar service. They end up paying the same or similar amount, just with someone else. Then you must go through the process of winning them back. With SubSuite, your subscribers won't leave in the first place, they'll just add new services to your subscription. Now they have no reason to leave at all. For slightly more $$ they can carry both or even multiple subscriptions. So, everyone wins! And, when they buy other services from your loyalty page, they earn even bigger discounts on any future purchases. When you offer SubSuite loyalty rewards, you are giving your subscribers no reason to leave and every reason to stay.

3. Trust.

When your subscribers see that you are offering them the best deals to other digital services, making it easy to stack and save on all of their desired subscriptions, you will become their hero. Managing tons of subscriptions at the most affordable rates is a HUGE concern of just about everyone on the planet! We all want to buy more subscription-based services, but we just can't afford them all. Helping people solve that problem will build an enormous amount of trust and gratitude in the hearts of your subscribers.

Retention is key. With both competition and demand steadily increasing, everything you can do to retain subscribers is worthwhile, especially when it costs you nothing. To learn more about SubSuite, you can book a demo here

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