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Cross-Promotion: The Game-Changer in Subscription Marketing

Subscription Cross Promotions

90% of subscription brands are on the lookout for cross-promotion opportunities


Marketers and growth leaders, I’m here to let you in on how cross-promotions are reshaping the subscription landscape. At SubSuite, we’re not just observers; we’re active facilitators, creating a marketplace where brands don’t just meet—they thrive together.

Our research shows that a staggering 90% of subscription brands are on the lookout for cross-promotion opportunities. Why? Because it’s the smart way to gain new subscribers and keep them engaged for the long haul. Amid escalating competition and diminishing returns from traditional channels, there’s a pressing need for innovative marketing and distribution tactics. Cross-promotion emerges as a leading strategy, proving to be highly effective in fueling growth.

The Cross-Promotion Menu Subscription brands have countless cross-promotion avenues, ranging from technology and payment integrations to co-creating social media campaigns. Regardless of the complexity, there are three primary cross-promotion models, each designed to achieve a distinct objective.

  • l  Bundles: A cocktail of services that offers more value for less, where brands share the revenue. Bundles are ideal for similar or complementary services, enticing consumers to spend slightly more to enjoy a selection, even when they might usually opt for just one.
  • l  Standard Cross-Brand-Promotions: A straightforward exchange of promotions, no strings attached, marketed to each brand’s existing subscribers. This straightforward cross-promotion approach can be applied among brands with overlapping subscriber interests, effectively targeting segments likely to purchase each other’s services.
  • l  Bundled Cross-Brand Promotions: Offer optional exclusive discounts from partners, creating a tempting offer to entice new core customers. This approach offers the most value in acquiring core subscribers at their peak worth, merging bundling’s impact with the adaptability of standard cross-promotion to secure new subscribers, enhance retention, and reduce CAC, all without the risks of cannibalization or the hassle of intricate contracts.


Why Cross-Promote? Let’s Count the Reasons 

  • l   Reduce CAC: Imagine boosting your sale price by up to 50% without losing subscribers—that’s the power of cutting costs.
  • l   Add Core Subscribers: Entice new subscribers with exclusive discounts from your partners.
  • l   Add Incremental Subscribers: Perfect for those looking to complement, not replace, their current subscriptions.
  • l   Increase LTV: Discounts tied to your brand mean subscribers stick around longer.
  • l   Targeted Marketing: With data on your side, you can craft campaigns that hit the mark every time.
  • l   High Conversions: Trusted recommendations and attractive prices are a recipe for success.
  • l   Brand Awareness: Get your brand out there without emptying your pockets.
  • l   Enter New Markets: Explore uncharted territories with partners who know the lay of the land. Tap new audiences in unique industries or locations.
  • l   Micro-Testing: Fine-tune your brands pricing and tiering strategies with real-world data.


The Roadblocks to Cross-Promotion Why isn’t everyone doing this? Despite the clear benefits, hurdles like finding the right partners, navigating logistics, and avoiding cannibalization can dampen the spirits. At SubSuite, we’ve been listening, learning, and building. The result? A platform that makes cross-promotions a breeze.

SubSuite’s Masterstroke Built on top of a collaborative subscription platform, SubSuite's cross-promotions feature is a stand-alone product that provides brands the tools to work together to generate an additional, highly optimized, marketing channel. It improves upon on all three of the existing subscription cross-promotion models and simplifies the end-to-end process while optimizing the final results.

  • l   Easy Partner Discovery: Find your next marketing ally with ease.
  • l   No-Contract Cross-Promotions: Connect, promote, and prosper—no red tape involved.
  • l   Select Your Discounts: You have full control over your promotional pricing.
  • l   Seamless Logistics: From marketing to payment, we’ve got it covered.
  • l   Sticky Rewards: Keep subscribers loyal without the bundling blues.
  • l   No Cannibalization: We ensure your offers reach fresh eyes only.
  • l   Flexible Management: Adapt your strategy on the fly.
  • l   Strategic Insights: Use our tools to refine and enhance your approach.
  • l   Transparent Costs: Enjoy our platform for just the minimal payment processing fee you already pay anyway! 


Take the Leap with SubSuite Curious about cross-promotion? Visit SubSuite Cross Promotions to learn more, or let us know your partner preferences, and we’ll guide you through the next steps. It’s time to make your marketing strategy not just better, but the best it can be!

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