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From Data to Dollars: Pre-Qualifying Consumers for Discounts

Pre-qualified  Consumers
As subscription-based businesses continue to thrive, growth experts face the challenge of attracting and retaining subscribers while maximizing revenue. One effective strategy is to offer personalized discounts based on consumer behavior and spending patterns. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to pre-qualify consumers for discounts without creating complicated tiers and bundles.

Segment Your Audience

Before diving into personalized discounts, segment your audience based on their existing spending habits. Consider where they currently allocate their dollars—this insight provides valuable clues about where they may be willing to spend more. By understanding their preferences, you can tailor your pricing strategies effectively.

Internal Pre-Qualification

Stacking Services for Greater Personalization

If your brand offers multiple services or operates under an umbrella of related brands, consider stacking services for internal pre-qualification. As subscribers engage with one service, offer special deals on others. This approach streamlines the discount process without confusing tier structures. For example:

- A subscriber who uses your streaming service might receive a discount on your fitness app.

- A customer who purchases a skincare subscription could be eligible for a reduced rate on your wellness magazine.

By stacking services, you enhance personalization and simplify logistics for implementation.

External Targeting and Pre-Qualifying

Leveraging Consumer Spending Behavior

External targeting relies on a similar strategy. Analyze your subscribers’ buying behavior and identify different “spend” segments. Here’s how:

1. Identify Spending Patterns:

Look at where subscribers allocate their dollars across various services. Are they avid readers, fitness enthusiasts, or tech-savvy users? Use this information to tailor your offerings.

2. Predictive Modeling:

Predict where subscribers are likely to spend additional dollars. If someone subscribes to a cooking magazine, they might also be interested in a wine-tasting subscription. Offer personalized discounts accordingly.

3. Dynamic Pricing:

Implement dynamic, customized pricing based on individual spending patterns and consumer behaviors. Deliver the right price to the right pre-qualified consumers at the right time. With the right strategy you’ll convert more users, keep them longer and maximize your profits. 

Micro-Testing for Optimal Pricing Strategies

Experimentation and Iteration

Before making broad changes to pricing, tiering, bundles, or partnerships, conduct micro-tests. Use platforms that allow experimentation with pricing techniques and segmentation. Here’s how:

- Test Small Populations: Experiment with different pricing strategies on smaller groups of subscribers. Monitor their responses and adjust as needed.

- Iterate Based on Data: Use data-driven insights to refine your approach. If a particular discount resonates well, consider expanding it to a broader audience.

Leverage New Platforms for Segmentation

Determining the Right Price at the Right Time

Explore innovative platforms that help segment users based on their spending habits. These platforms can:

1. Pre-Qualify Consumers: Identify potential discount recipients based on their existing subscriptions.

2. Optimize Pricing: Determine the optimal price point for each subscriber.

3. Maximize Value: Ensure you’re not underselling your service while offering attractive discounts.


Personalized discounts are a powerful tool for subscription revenue growth. By pre-qualifying consumers and leveraging data-driven insights, you can maximize value for both subscribers and your business. Remember: It’s not about creating complicated tiers; it’s about delivering tailored experiences that resonate with your audience.

Never miss out on a profitable revenue opportunity—personalize, optimize, and thrive!

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